Christmas Cheese Stall At Culver Square

I loved the Snowdonia cheeses from the very first moment that I tried them, the iconic Black Bomber with its unique blend of strong cheddar flavours but with a creamy texture was an instant hit with me and my family.

When I opened the shop originally it was a Deli and the Black Bomber and its brother and sisters were the first cheeses I wanted in the fridges. Unfortunately the Deli did not work out but every year since 2008 we have run a cheese stall in Colchester town center, first of all on the Culver street market and then last year in Culver square. We have been overwhelmed with the the support from the people of Colchester and were really disappointed when the Christmas Fayre was cancelled last year as people turned up in their hundreds to buy from us.

We will be selling the full range of cheeses for £4.50, 3 for £12 or 5 for £20. We do not charge extra for those that contain alcohol and we buy direct from Snowdonia to ensure we get the best quality with the longest shelf life.

We will be running our Christmas cheese stall in Culver Square in Colchester on

  • Saturday 3rd December
  • Saturday 10th December
  • Saturday 17th December
  • Sunday 18th December
  • Friday 23rd December
  • Saturday 24th December

We will also be carrying the full range with samples available to try at the shop. If you would like to place an order you can via our email, phone or message via our Facebook page and we will hold them in store for you. Tope could also deliver the cheeses if you are a customer on his sandwich round.

It all starts this Saturday for us where you will find Tope working hard and me chatting to anyone that will listen. We will be there all day and it will be great to see the same faces that buy from us every year and hopefully some new ones.

The full range is:

Black Bomber (As described above)

Beechwood Smoked – My new favourite, a traditional smoking process knocks spots off of the commercial supermarket brands.

Pickle Power – Does it sound odd to add pickled onion to an already lovely cheese? Maybe a little bit but If anything it makes the cheese taste even stronger.

Green Thunder – This is an intense mixture of garlic and herbs and a little goes a long way, it’s not quite as green on the inside as it is on the outside but it’s not far off).

Red Devil – The only cheese that uses Red Leicester as the base, it is infused with crushed chilli’s and whilst at first you might think it’s not that spicy it really does hit you late.

Bouncing Berry – The combination of sweet and salty is hardly original nor is adding cranberry to a cheese but it the quality of both that set this apart from the crowd.

Ginger Spice – Stem ginger is added to this one to produce a unique sweet flavour that’s a real hit with the ladies, it’s ok if you a guy and like it, we won’t tell anyone!

Amber Mist – The first of the grown up pair of cheese with booze added, this one has scotch whisky added which gives the cheese a peaty and slightly sweet flavour.

Ruby Mist – The second of the pair has the addition of port and brandy which adds a warming feel on the palette, lovely in front of a fire with a good glass of something.


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