British Take Away Awards 2016

Our adventure to the finals the British Takeaway Awards was a diverse and interesting one.

It opened my eyes to just how popular and successful ‘Lunch’ has become. I was of of course aware that we are taking more money and there are an ever increasing number of people walking through the doors but that is not what got us through to the finals.

What got us through to the finals was customers taking the time to go online and vote. Whether they were prompted verbally, via Facebook or Twitter is irrelevant they took the time to do it. Not only did they vote they encouraged and supported us and I cannot stress enough how amazing it made the whole team feel.

My expectations of those that work for me are high, they reach a target and I set another, we get comfortable with a menu and I put another in place! Anyone that works in this industry will know that you don’t do it for the money but for us all to read the comments really does make it all worthwhile.

It was unfortunate I could not make the awards evening itself but Tope and Jake had a brilliant time. You will see that they managed to get a couple of selfies, although Rachel Stevens is the one that got away!

The boys did a great job representing ‘Lunch’ and I have received some wonderful feed back from Just Eat (the organisers) about the pair of them. Such is our confidence in what we do went there hoping to win but it was not to be. The result really does not matter though, we did brilliantly to make the final in our first year of entering and received an excellent report back from the secret shopper sent by the BTAS.

Could we have done better? I really don’t think so, there are some criteria involving being a member of Just Eat that we lost marks for, we are also going to look to be more involved in the local community in 2017.

Our next competition is going to be British Sandwich Awards, which is a totally different challenge.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.





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  • Mallie Sharpe

    Reply Reply 23rd December 2016

    Onwards and upwards in 2017 Paul and Co.!!

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